A Trust is Like a Suit Case, Are You Ready to Go?

Imagine preparing to travel on an incredible vacation – one for which you have spent your entire life planning. Now, imagine reaching your destination only to discover that you brought nothing with you but an empty suitcase! You have no clothes, no toiletries, and no other personal items that help make your travel experience easy […]

Trust is like a safe have you given your combination away?

We got a call last year from a middle-aged man whose parents had died and left him a nice inheritance. His parents had a trust which said, “After both of us have died, give the money in the trust to our son.” He was about to receive his money, but he was worried, because he […]

Things are heating up in the Arizona desert, but for Seniors a “Freeze” may be coming

In Arizona, Seniors who are 65 years or older, and who meet the specific criteria below, can qualify for the Senior Property Valuation Protection Option, which is also referred to as the “Senior Freeze Program.” Under the Senior Freeze Program, a County Assessor will freeze the property tax valuation of a Senior’s primary residence each […]

Senior Freeze

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Estate planning for IRAs can be tricky

Your Uncle Ira has hired us to do his estate planning. It turns out that he has a substantial amount of money in several Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Estate planning for IRAs can be tricky. IRAs are different from most other assets, because whoever inherits them must pay income taxes. That’s not true with bank […]

What do you know about your IRA?

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For Sale By Owner

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Avoid the Fight at the Funeral

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The Importance of Original Estate Planning Documents: “The Wet-Ink Still Matters”

The importance of keeping track of your original estate planning documents was hammered home to me early in my career by a story I heard at an “estate and trusts round table” for young lawyers.  The presenter that day was a seasoned and successful practitioner that we all aspired to emulate.   I was at that […]

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A Cautionary Tale

Do you remember the sad story of Whitney Houston’s death, and the subsequent untimely death of her 22-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown? The situation has been made even worse by some unfortunate estate planning. Even with high profile, high wealth individuals, the most basic estate planning principles still apply, including planning for contingencies that may […]